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What type of terrain can these go on?

The devices are pretty darn durable, we see them being used on grass, dirt, sand (packed), pavement, streams and even beaches. All that said, if the device comes in contact with any corrosive elements like salt water, it's extremely important to wash these off with clean water to prevent any metal from deteriorating.

Will this make my pet sore?

The devices are custom fit from a cast mold/scan which greatly reduces the chance of any sore spots from developing. That said, there are times modification or padding is needed to eliminate any wear spots.

How do I know my dog will use it

This is a question we put on the owners, how dedicated are you to helping your pet alleviate stress and future joint deterioration? All animals are different and therefore their adoption to a device like this will be as well, it is up to you to practice, train, be consistent and persistent to see your pet utilize and be successful with the devices.

Does this stay on all the time?

These devices do not stay on all the time, they are to be worn during activities like walks, hikes, etc. The home is a place for rest and relaxation.

Can these be cleaned?

Absolutely! Warm water and dish soap are great for cleaning the harness, leg, and foot. The straps can be removed and washed if needed as well.

What if it doesn't fit or if there is skin irritation?

We guarantee the fit of our devices and for that reason we see very few instances of irritation. When we do have an irritation we will refurb the device and add in padding in the sensitive areas.

What is the price?

It all depends on the type of pet but our prosthetics start at $1,500 and we do offer payment plans!

Can I remove the leg?

Yes, the legs come detached from the harness so your pet can get used to wearing it without the potential of tripping over the leg. You can also swap over to a wheel or ski attachment as well by loosening one bolt.

Do I have to shave my dog for casting?

No! Our kit includes a stockinette tube that compresses your furry friend during the casting process!

What happens with weight gain/loss?

Since the harnesses have specific areas of flex, they can accommodate for about 5-8lb of weight gain/loss. It's important to consult your vet to know the best weight for your tripod.

How long does the process take?

From the day we receive your pups cast it takes about 4-5 weeks currently to build and ship the devices. We anticipate our lead times getting better and better as time goes on! There are times where we have issues or are not happy with how something came out and want to make it right which can add a few days or so.

Are these devices ready to go out of the box, how long will they last?

For the most part yes, in many cases you will need a Philips head screw driver to attach the leg (we do this to keep shipping costs low). In some instances (since we don't see all of the cases at our studio) adjustments will need to be made to get the perfect leg pitch. We have simplified how this is done but you still need a few tools: hand drill, needle nose pliers, and a Philips head screwdriver. We have videos on this in our resources section! Our TPU material is extremely resilliant and holds up very well while retaining its flexibility. We have seen devices out there in great shape for over 3 years now. That being said, just like a car, these have wear items and require routine maintenance. Checking and tightening all screws periodically is a great idea, with all the thrashing around things can work their way loose. Our feet and wheels are like tires on a car, over time they need to be replaced, these can be found on our website as well!

Why are these so expensive?

We will admit that these are certainly not inexpensive but our devices are just about the same cost as the more archaic solutions on the market. We have a ton of technology, time, and testing packed into each device to give these the best possible chance for an excellent outcome on your pet! We also offer payment plans and work with some amazing foundations to help with those in greater need.

Will this work for my pet?

This is our most frequently asked question and the answer comes down to you. We see the most success with dogs who have training, good behaviors, good routines, and a dedicated owner. If you purchase a device with the expectation that you will put it on and let your pet run free, this is not right for you. Having patience, putting in the time, providing rewards, and being diligent are the paths to success with these devices. We have seen cases where animals will put on these devices and be completely paralyzed, that being said we have also seen them flourish and be extremely successful with the right owner and the right disciplines.

How does the process work?

Great Question! We always like to start with having the form filled out on our homepage. This gives us a baseline understanding to the type of device you pet will be best suited for. From there we do a manual review and evaluation and contact you on which device will be best. If your pet is a good candidate: We will start by sending you a casting kit, this will allow you to create a positive mold of your pups torso (it's like an ace bandage that hardens). Youll ship that back to us and we will begin our internal process. We take the cast mold and 3D Scan it using our super cool machine, we then bring it into our software and digitally modify the cast to add in all of the information needed to create the "body jacket" that the leg will connect to. From there we setup our print machine and get it running with your color choice. Once finished we will post process by cleaning the harness, sanding the interior smooth of any imperfections and then attach the remaining hardware including our shock absorbing foot or wheels. When done, we get it packed up and shipped out to you!

How do these devices compare to competitors?

Where do we start? Think of buying typewriter over a wouldn't, the same applies here, our devices are the laptops. Our harnesses are made from a lightweight, breathable, and waterproof, TPU vs the competition which is a stiff thermoformed plastic covered in foam which can get hot, dirty, and uncomfortable. Our feet and wheels are custom designed and printed in house to be shock absorbing and greatly reduce the impact on the chest cavity when moving, the competition heat bends plastic and glues tread to the bottom.