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About us

Welcome to the family!

3D Pets set out with the mission of bringing animal mobility devices into the 21st century. No more shall dogs be left in technologies dust. We are the creators of the advanced 3D Printed Full-Limb canine prosthetic and carts.
Our Core Values:
  1. Have the best customer service in the industry
  2. Remain innovative and continue applying new technologies
  3. Be passionate!
Our Promises:
  1. Always stand by our work, if you have questions or need help with a device, we will always be here.
  2. Always point families in the right direction if we are not a good fit.
  3. Continue advancing mobility devices for animals of all types.

The Technology

Technology has advanced so quickly over the past decade and that has led to some incredible innovations in so many different industries across the world. Unfortunately some of these industries got left in the dust or couldn’t figure out the best way to adopt and incorporate in worthwhile ways. Pet orthotics, prosthetics, and even carts was one of these industries and we made it our mission to give these pets in need the latest and greatest to produce better outcomes and reduce stress, and strain.

Through a combination of unique methods, we have brought pet prosthetics and carts into the 21st century using industry 4.0 technology of which even humans are just beginning to see in the human O/P world.

Using 3D Scanning, Custom designed software, and 3D Printing we are able to create devices of the future.
A unique pet prosthetic in the process of being 3D printed

The Purpose

Canines with amputations above the elbow or leg deformities have traditionally been written off as a partial-limb prostheses cannot be fitted.Their options were a clunky cart or nothing, and that annoyed us. Through some truly unique collaborations we are able to offer these select pups an option they never had, and here is why they are so critical:

  1. Most obviously these pups carry 60% of their weight on the front limbs, the prosthetic is designed redistribute that weight more evenly to reduce carpal joint deterioration, hyper-extension and even arthritis.
  2. Regain more normal mobility, many tri-pod pups get tuckered out much easier and struggle to do any distance, for obvious reasons. The prosthetics and carts help them get much of this freedom back. One of our most notable cases went from doing 3-5 miles a week to 12-15 while wearing our prosthetic. Need we say more?
  3. Reduce chances of serious future issues. Lets say a tri-pod pup injures his only remaining front leg...another expensive surgery only to potentially result in a double amputee pup? That doesn’t sound like the best possible care or outcome.

We think you get the gist, if not then we are happy to continue on a call!

Our Team!

Alex Tholl & Adam Hecht

Alex Tholl & Adam Hecht

Co-founders of 3DPets, Alex and Adam are involved in many different facets from customer care right down to fitting devices! They both have BS degrees in industrial design with concentrations in healthcare and business. The boys got their start in the field designing and printing pre-surgical models for surgeons at Jefferson Medical Centers.
Brooke Artesi CPO, LPO

Brooke Artesi CPO, LPO

Brooke is our prostheses advisor who oversees the development of new devices and consults with us on various special cases. She is the founder of Sunshine Prosthetics and Orthotics located in Wayne, NJ.
Lydia Mindek

Lydia Mindek

Lydia is our director of operations at 3DPets. Coming from a background of industrial design for medical devices with years spent as a veterinary technician, Lydia understands and oversees the design and functionality of all of the devices we offer. Her favorite cases are the ones that push our team and technologies to their limits! When not at work, Lydia enjoys spending time with her own pups, Trip and Nash.
A Photo of Trip


Trip is our team mascot and product tester. He tries out all of our new products to make sure they are safe and effective for pets worldwide! Trip has been wearing a 3DPets prosthesis since he was just 6 months old and is absolutely thriving! When he’s not hanging out in the office with us, you can often find him playing fetch or swimming with his mom Lydia and brother Nash.
Juliana Impaglia

Juliana Impaglia

Juliana is our design and build lead. She earned a BS/MS degree from NJIT in Biomedical Engineering and Management. Along with building devices, Juliana works with our team to further develop our products so that we can help more pets in need. She is a retired D1 volleyball player and continues to coach in the area. Juliana also loves to travel and spend time with her pup Gus!

Kristin Sanger

Kristin and Eve are our dream client care team! Kristin is here to help new and existing clients with all of their needs alongside Eve who is one of the longest users of a 3DPets full-limb prosthesis. Kristin is currently pursuing her dog training certificate and is using her knowledge of animal behaviors to help build out a brand new first of it's kind training program tailored to pups with mobility devices. When not at work, she is very involved in rescue and is an incredibly dedicated foster mom. Kristin is an amazing advocate for clients and pets alike and is always pushing our team to be it's very best!

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