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Prosthetics and mobility devices for pets!

At 3DPets, we design and build mobility devices custom fit to your pet and their needs. Get started below!

Flexible, Breathable, Lightweight + More

We use 21st-century technologies to build the best prosthetics and carts on the market. Get started below!

Custom fit to your pet and only your pet.

Each device is an exact replica of your pet's anatomy to get the perfect fit, guaranteed. Get started below!

Empower their stride, redefine their ride: unleash the future of animal mobility

• Shock Absorbing Feet and Wheels
• Water Proof Devices
• Flexible and Breathable Harness
• Durable and Lightweight
• Modular Design for Adjustability
• Add-Ons: Wheels and Skis

How it all works: Making the devices

Creating a Cast

We ship you our Casting Kit (Anywhere in the world) that creates a stiff mold of your pups body. This is easy don't worry!

3D Scan

When we get your pups mold in, we use a special device to 3D Scan it so our computer can see it and we can modify it.


Your pups mold is then modified with our custom software to the specifications of your pups needs and body. We then create their custom Body Jacket.

3D Print

The Body Jacket is printed on our high-resolution 3D printer with flexible Thermoplastic Poly-Urethane (TPU) in your chosen color.


After sanding and imperfections are removed, we attach human grade prosthetic components and a final inspection is made.

Every detail: Tested & Optimized

A cute dog wears a 3D printed prosthetic on his front leg, created by 3D Pets

Custom-Fitted to your dog

If it's uncomfortable, your pet will resist wearing it. Our mold and build process caters to your dog's unique body type and disability.

This state of the art process creates unparalleled comfort and effectiveness compared to other prosthetics available on the market.

Perfectly refined... digitally

After our high-resolution scanning process, we further refine the design in our custom developed software.

Adjustments are made before the prostheses is produced and adjusted for each case.

A computer interface depicting several 3D scans used for building 3D Pets prosthetics
A closeup view of a shock absorbing foot element used in 3D Pet's prosthetics

Shock Absorbing Foot (v3.0)

We are constantly making improvements to stay ahead of the curve.

Our version 3.0 (Shock Absorber) foot scrutinizes a comfortable landing for each step, maximizing your pup's confidence in their new prosthetic.

A dog wearing its pink full limb prosthetic by 3DPets running on the grass

Your dog's mobility is regained

The goal of our prosthetic is to reduce strain and fatigue from overuse, as well as hyper-extension and chronic arthritis of the remaining forelimb.

With incremental training and practice, we're confident you and your furry friend will see a great deal of success with our full-limb prosthetic, giving your pup renewed mobility!


Don't take our word for it

Maxximus in Texas

Maxximus had lost his front limb in 2011 after a serious infection from a fox tail that wouldn't heal.  He has been doing great, but with age has developed cancer and degenerative bone disease in the remaining front arm...
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Chelsea Patow

Emma in Ohio

3D Pets has been amazing in creating Emma's prosthetic. We're several states away and I was skeptical to the mail order process, but it was so easy.
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Risk in New Jersey

One year ago, cancer robbed my 14 year old dachshund of her right front leg.  I discovered many options exist for rear leg amputees.  Then I found 3-D Pet Prosthetics.
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Jeanann Dyki
New Jersey

Jack in New York City

My front amputee Jack and I could not be more grateful for the humans at 3D Pets. We started their process 2.5 years ago, and now Jack runs 20-30 miles a week on his prosthetic, every week.
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Rhiya Trivedi

Turk in Vermont

I am sitting here trying to find the words to describe our experience we just had with Alex and Adam at their DiveDesign office but it’s impossible to articulate how impactful and wonderful it was...
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Stephanie Caraballo

Trip in Tennessee

I have re-typed this review at least 4 times at this point because I can't quite figure out how to put into words the way that 3DPets has changed Trip's life. After two years of pulling him in a wagon...
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Lydia Mindek