Starting at $1750 (Trike and Side-Mount)

Similar to our prosthetics, our carts are custom made and fit to your pup, we use our own shock absorbing wheels and custom components to bring these devices to life They are designed for pups born with no front limbs or deformities. Our harness provides flexibility in certain areas and stiffness in others, is the lightest amongst the competition at about 3-4lbs, and are extremely breathable. They also pack excellent adjustability for change over time, whether it be pitch or height.


Our process accommodates all breeds who weigh anywhere from 5lbs all the way up to 115lbs. The harness fits them and only them.


Since each device is completely custom we cannot simply restock this which means we don’t offer returns...but the next best thing is an excellent warranty. With 180 days protection, we will repair or replace any issues that may arise. Most importantly, we guarantee a good fit!