Full-Limb Prosthetic

Full-Limb Prosthetic

Custom-fit dog prosthetics starting at $1500

Our proven full limb prosthesis for dogs with no remaining shoulder blade or with a small residual nub/limb.

Payment Plans

We offer a payment plans through PayPal! 6mo 0%


Our process accommodates all breeds who weigh anywhere from 3lbs all the way up to 125lbs. The harness fits them and only them.


Since each device is completely custom we cannot simply restock this which means we don’t offer returns...but the next best thing is an excellent warranty. With 180 days protection, we will repair or replace any issues that may arise. Most importantly, we guarantee a good fit!

How We Make A Custom Full-Limb Prosthetic For Your Dog

Our process of making full-limb prosthetics for dogs starts one of two ways, with a 3D Scan of your pet at our office, or creating a mold of your pet at home with our DIY kit. Once we have the scan or the mold, we move to our custom state-of-the-art software, this is where we design and build the custom fit harness that the leg attaches to. This harness is what offers the flexibility and breathability we are so well known for. Once that digital design is done, we 3D Print the harness, wheels, and components that bring everything together, finally we assemble and either have you in for a fitting or ship the wheelchair to you.

Why Our Full-Limb Dog Prosthetics Are The Best Available

Our full-limb prosthetics for dogs are custom-made and fit to your pet and only your pet, we use our own shock-absorbing feet, wheels and custom components to make our prosthetics the best on the market. Our custom-made harnesses provide flexibility in certain areas and stiffness in others, it is the lightest amongst the competition at about 3-4 lbs, is extremely breathable, durable, and modular. We guarantee the fit and work with you and you to provide the best chances for adoption and success.

Which Animals Can Use A Full-Limb Prosthetic?

Our full-limb prosthetics are designed for dogs who have undergone a complete leg amputation (full shoulder disarticulation) or an almost complete amputation. We have two styles of design that accommodate both scenarios. Our devices support breeds who are between 3-130lbs from Chihuahuas to Great Danes. Whether it be from osteosarcoma, an accident, or any other cause, our devices are here to alleviate the stresses on your dog's remaining limbs and back.

Is there a Warranty?

We offer a 180-day no questions asked hardware warranty, the only thing we will not cover is if your dog chews the device. Additionally, we have our fit-guarantee, if we don’t think the fit is good after modifications we will modify and rebuild it.

Why Choose 3D Pets Custom Prosthetics?

Custom fit for your pet and only your pet
Flexible, Breathable, Lightweight, Adjustable
Payment Plans 
Shock Absorbing Feet
Fit Guarantee and Device Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Prosthetics

How much does a dog prosthetic cost?

Our full-limbs start at $1500 and go up depending on the pet’s needs

Does a 3 legged dog need a prosthetic leg?

It’s a fact that 60% of a dogs weight is on their front legs. Remove one and there is quite a bit of compensation happening. The devices are meant to alleviate that pressure on the remaining limb and redistribute force. Early onset of arthritis and hyperextension is what we aim to fend off with our prosthetics.

Are prosthetics good for dogs?

When a dog is properly trained with a prosthetic it can offer great relief on the joints, bones, and muscles by redistributing weight and correcting posture.

Can you get a fake leg for a dog?

The technical term is Full-Limb Prosthesis or Prosthetic but yes, depending on their condition, current mobility, home life, and more, you can indeed get a leg for them!

How it all works: Making the devices

Creating a Cast

We ship you our Casting Kit (Anywhere in the world) that creates a stiff mold of your pups body. This is easy don't worry! Otherwise you can visit a local 3DPets PAWvider to get a 3DScan done.

3D Scan

When we get your pups mold in or if you choose to visit us or a 3DPets PAWvider, we use the iPhone to 3D Scan to create a digital version of your pet.


Your digitized dog is then modified with our custom software to the specifications of your dogs needs and body. This creates their custom harness that the prosthetic leg attaches to.

3D Print

Their harness is printed on our high-resolution 3D printer with a special flexible Thermoplastic Poly-Urethane (TPU) in your chosen color.


After sanding and imperfections are removed, we attach human grade prosthetic components and complete a final inspection prior to fitting or shipping.