All payments are due before services begin. 3DPets offers financing through PayPal. Upon application approval, 6 months with 0% interest can be used. Standard rates apply after 6 month period.

Insurance Coverage

Many pet insurance companies cover the cost of mobility and rehab devices. All insurance companies are different and require different assets prior or post purchase. Please let our team know how we can help with this.

Providers that cover mobility devices:
  • Spot
  • Pet Plan
  • Figo
  • Spot
  • Healthy Paws
  • Trusted Pals
  • Pets Best
  • Lemonade
  • Eusoh
  • Nationwide
  • TruPanion
  • Embrace
  • Toto
  • Pawp
  • Wagmo
  • Paw Protect
A puppy wearing a front leg prosthetic leans his nose toward the camera

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