Veterinarians, Surgeons, Rehab Specialists, and O/P Clinicians, this page is for you!

Below is where you will find information on our devices, how to get involved or becoming a 3DPets Pawvider.

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The Technology

Technology has advanced so quickly over the past decade and that has led to some incredible innovations in so many different industries across the world. Unfortunately some of these industries got left in the dust or couldn’t figure out the best way to adopt and incorporate in worthwhile ways. Pet orthotics, prosthetics, and even carts was one of these industries and we made it our mission to give these pets in need the latest and greatest to produce better outcomes and reduce stress, and strain.

Through a combination of unique methods, we have brought pet prosthetics and carts into the 21st century using industry 4.0 technology of which even humans are just beginning to see in the human O/P world.

Using 3D Scanning, Custom designed software, and 3D Printing we are able to create devices of the future.

The Purpose

Canines with amputations above the elbow or leg deformities have traditionally been written off as a partial-limb prostheses cannot be fitted.Their options were a clunky cart or nothing, and that annoyed us. Through some truly unique collaborations we are able to offer these select pups an option they never had, and here is why they are so critical:

  1. Most obviously these pups carry 60% of their weight on the front limbs, the prosthetic is designed redistribute that weight more evenly to reduce carpal joint deterioration, hyper-extension and even arthritis.
  2. Regain more normal mobility, many tri-pod pups get tuckered out much easier and struggle to do any distance, for obvious reasons. The prosthetics and carts help them get much of this freedom back. One of our most notable cases went from doing 3-5 miles a week to 12-15 while wearing our prosthetic. Need we say more?
  3. Reduce chances of serious future issues. Lets say a tri-pod pup injures his only remaining front leg...another expensive surgery only to potentially result in a double amputee pup? That doesn’t sound like the best possible care or outcome.

We think you get the gist, if not then we are happy to continue on a call!

Getting Involved!

Being a 3DPets Pawvider is not for everyone, that’s ok, we still want pet professionals to be able to offer their patients an option post surgery/evaluation/rehabilitation rather than be sent on their way with a “good luck, take it easy now” As a thank you to making/mentioning this an option for your patients we’d like to offer them a nice discount when a professional referral is made. If you’d like to be more involved in the casting/scanning, fitting and checkup process then scroll down to learn more about our Pawvider program!

3DPets Pawvider Program

We work with families all over the world and that means we don’t get to see each case, as great as virtual has gotten, its always a plus to have a local expert to lean on, that could be you.

Join the number of other providers we have in the US and Europe who are trained on scanning for, fitting, and adjusting/modifying our devices. Not only is it a great service to offer, we get to create better care and support foreach pet we help. Join us.

Benefits of being a Pawvider

  1. Elevate your practice by offering the latest and best pet mobility devices.
  2. Become part of our established, credible, sizable and growing social media/ web presence.
  3. Get access to wholesale pricing and earn additional income through casting/scans, fittings, and checkups.
  4. Be of the first to know and offer our ever adapting and new product launches. (Coming soon: Rear-Limb prosthetics, trusted CBD supplements, etc)
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