Veterinarians, Surgeons, Rehab Specialists, and O/P Clinicians, this page is for you!

Below is where you will find information on our devices, how to get involved or becoming a 3DPets Pawvider.
Tiereliebe Mit Handicap
51.21458334272532, 10.481774284783405

Sondershäuser Landstraße 20, 99974 Mühlhausen/Thüringen, Germany

34.03463772895416, -118.44484870226876

2240 Federal Ave,
Los Angeles, CA

My Pet's Brace
39.96080802383492, -74.2180472021014

437 Lakehurst Rd
Toms River, NJ

My Pet's Brace
40.15685365173679, -75.8822630333313

3508 Main St,
Morgantown, PA

My Pet's Brace
30.49416929102463, -97.64563333651239

2100 Double Creek Dr, Unit 200
Round Rock, TX

My Pet's Brace
40.29642466519356, -80.1578275309271

657 Morganza Rd
Canonsburg, PA

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3DPets Pawvider Program

We work with families all over the world and that means we don’t get to see each case, as great as virtual has gotten, its always a plus to have a local expert to lean on, that could be you.

Join the number of other providers we have in the US and Europe who are trained on scanning for, fitting, and adjusting/modifying our devices. Not only is it a great service to offer, we get to create better care and support foreach pet we help. Join us.

Benefits of being a Pawvider:

  1. Elevate your practice by offering the latest and best pet mobility devices.
  2. Become part of our established, credible, sizable and growing social media/ web presence.
  3. Get access to wholesale pricing and earn additional income through casting/scans, fittings, and checkups.
  4. Be of the first to know and offer our ever adapting and new product launches. (Coming soon: Rear-Limb prosthetics, trusted CBD supplements, etc)
I want to be a pawvider!

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To make other place-based scripts easier, we'll parse the coordinates from the DOM of elements with data-geo-place attribute, and save them to el.value (and data-geo-value attribute).

TBD: standard way to make CMS data available to scripts. Stringy DOM stuff and JSON parsing are not the interesting bits of programming, and Webflow has a nice interface for typed data modeling.

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Leaflet (2d) map

Gets locations with the same pattern as the globe above: data-geo-map="2" for the map div and data-geo-place="2" for the places.

(We're using 2 in the demo below to keep this map and locations separate from the 3d globe demo at the top of the page.)


  • Place data is parsed and saved to each place el.value

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